THE WITCH CLOUD BOOK + AUDIO DOWNLOAD - Second Edition by Timothy Renner (signed  copy)

THE WITCH CLOUD BOOK + AUDIO DOWNLOAD - Second Edition by Timothy Renner (signed copy)

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THE WITCH CLOUD - Second Edition by Timothy Renner (signed  copy)

Second edition (paperback) of "The Witch Cloud" book - including a download code for over three hours of content (audio book/podcast/music). The second edition of the book has been expanded to include an appendix on the Solomon Road Bridge (another haunted bridge in Gettysburg), as well as new illustrations and an additional photograph. 94 pages. Signed by the author (Timothy Renner).
Suicide Bridge–a name which evokes darkness and fear. Some say this iron bridge is the most haunted place in all of Gettysburg. Sachs Covered Bridge crosses nearby Marsh Creek, where stories of disembodied floating heads and the spectres of hanged soldiers draw ghost hunters nightly. Are the two structures connected?
Employing a combination of historical research, witness interviews, and boots-on-the-ground firsthand experience, Timothy Renner unearths both the history and the legends associated with the two bridges. The stories he uncovers cause him to question what might be haunting the area... and the very nature of ghosts.
Something eerie is happening on these bridges. It may be stranger than the legends suggest.
"Renner may literally be on of the best in the country at the highly specialized technique of taking one single, small stretch of earth and wringing out of it a staggering amount of legends, history, eyewitness accounts, and firsthand testimony." – Joshua Cutchin