Riverbend Comics started in 2019 during a relaxing bike ride on the Pennsylvania rail trail that involved a flat tire and a conversation about switching gears (no pun intended) and starting a business together: an online comic store focusing on good stories, important issues, independent creators, and making the world a better place with comics.
Jon bought a copy of Superman #400 off the newsstand in 1984 and has been hooked on comics ever since. He's been buying and selling comics for over 25 years, in addition to being a farmer, forager, educator, and family man. His tastes run the gamut from slice-of-life realism to horror and the world of super-heroes. 

Sam got into comics as an adult. His initial interest was sparked by the graphic journalism of Joe Sacco and he quickly began devouring all kinds of comics from sci-fi to superheroes. Sam uses comics to find new ways to present complex and controversial ideas to the college students to whom he teaches Humanities and essay-writing.

Links to a few of our friends and allies:
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This is Sam's dad, Dr. Albert Schindler, who was generous enough to get us on our feet in the very beginning.