BEYOND THE SEVENTH GATE by Timothy Renner (signed copy)

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BEYOND THE SEVENTH GATE: Exploring Toad Road, The Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster and Adams Counties.

One of the best known legends from York County, Pennsylvania is Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell. What is the real story? Where are the Seven Gates of Hell? Where is Toad Road? Extensive research and on site exploration is combined to dispel urban legends while revealing stranger truths.

Journey beyond the Seventh Gate and into other weird places in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties. Explore Hex Hollow, Chickies Rock, lonely graveyards, and old iron forges. Read true tales of bigfoot creatures, witches, ghosts, werewolves, and flying phantoms. Sometimes they haunt the woods behind you. Sometimes they are in your own back yard.

180 pages, fully illustrated with pen and ink drawings and photographs.